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    Jack Keroac’s Blues Poetry

    Discussion in 'Poetry' started by OurJud, Jul 16, 2019.

    Has anyone read any of JK blues poetry? To quote from the introduction to a collection I bought recently, “Much of it is painful, at times even contemptible...”

    From what I can gather from this introduction Kerouac wanted to capture the essence of jazz music in his poetry. Whether or not he pulls this off I don’t know, as I know nothing about jazz music. What I do know is that painful and contemptible is right when it comes to the poems.

    I applaud anyone who does things their own way, but I find most of the poems (titled ‘Choruses’) virtually unreadable.

    Kerouac wrote incessantly while on his travels, in a small notebook which dictated line length and such.

    Anyway many of these chorus poems are out there on the internet and I’d like to hear others take on them.

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