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    In what way is the city that you live in strange or unique?

    Every five or six months I get together with collegues from other divisions of the company that I work for. A few months ago they all came to my hometown for the meeting.

    After a long day of sitting in a conference room and checking off our agenda items we decided we needed to go out for a drink. We went to a local bar and all gathered at a table and had a few drinks while we caught up on each other's lives. We were the only ones in the bar so the bartender was talking to us for a while. She happened to mention the underground tunnels that run throughout all of the businesses on main street.

    It didn't take much convincing to get her to take us down in the basement and show us the tunnel. The bar that we went under apparently used to have a shooting range down there. There was still a couple of cranks on the ceiling that were used to bring the targets back and forth so you could check how you did. The tunnel connecting this bar to the neighboring business was boarded up but we were still able to see down it.

    I have been told that there used to be a lot of chinese workers that were brought to the town to work in the mines. They would use the underground tunnels to transport items and laundry between the businesses.

    It is pretty strange to see the type of history there is in this small town. It reminds me of old movies about the wild west. Who knew that going out for a drink after work could lead to exploring tunnels under main street.
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    Driving down the road, you'll see people walking up and down the road, rain, sleet or snow. You'll catch 95% of them puffing at a cigarette or buying more. Walking into a business and you'll find more than five rude people, employee or customer. You'll pass a line of three restaurants and one of those three has a roof falling in. It has yet to be touched. It has rained and snowed inside that building, anyone can bet that it's filthy. You can see that the town isn't kept up right and it's not worth wiping your rear end on. But it's home. It's the place that I've lived most of my life. It's where all my family and friends are and my memories. As crazy and odd as it may appear, I wouldn't trade it for much. I'd like to expend my horizons and live elswhere for a while. But I will never turn my back on my town forever.
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    On the outskirts of town, you will find a middle school built from repurposed mobile homes. They are connected by wooden platforms and concrete, forming a system of modular units. Most of the mobile homes are split into two classrooms. The cafeteria consists of two put together.

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