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    Apr 2, 2013
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    Just a feeling of embarrassment

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Michael O, May 13, 2013.

    I erased a short story and replaced it with a rework. Cogito gave me a friendly reminder without throwing a flag on my dumb-ass. Cheers to Cogito! Man could probably referee Little League Baseball in the South for years without one chair ever hitting him in the back of the head. Yes Siree, most judicious and wise.

    With that being said.....If no one reads it, what's the worries? Crap! After I posted it and read it, I was embarrassed. I erased like I had a get-off-the-commode-free pass without anyone seeing me. You know what I mean. You post something, read it and......WTF! How could I not see that! There will still be plenty to learn from comments on rewrites.

    If I wasn't so stupid, I'd be less stupid. That's a fact.
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    sorry to hear that, buddy... is there a cure for 'stupid'?

    consoling hugs, m

    ps: you're right about cog!

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