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    Just a Little Sharing

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Antaus, Jul 1, 2020.

    I know some of this stuff isn't really necessary, but I like to share, hear what other people think of what I come up with. When I remember a login I also try to return the favor. This is in regards to a character I recently stumbled across during the ongoing development of a fantasy world. His name is Raogar and he's something of a heel. He's very arrogant, volatile, self-centered and egotistical, but his singular defining personality trait is extreme greed. When he comes across treasure, you can see the $_$ in his eyes. I haven't delved into his past yet, but what I currently having is interesting.

    The reason I say he's something of a heel is because he's not out to rape villages, pillage women, or conquer the world, he wants money and a lot of it. He'll do just about anything to get it, but does have limits. Raogar normally doesn't hurt people intentionally or go out of his way to be dastardly. He's just driven by greed, however he's not entirely without conscience either. On at least two occasions he's even done a good deed, albeit one was entirely unintentional.

    The first was when he managed to sneak into this house and steal a hefty cache of gold. Later on he learned it was an inheritance from a young woman's father who had recently passed away, and without the money she couldn't pay the taxes and dues on her father's land and her noble lord was about to reclaim it. He felt so bad that under the cover of night he snuck into the house and put the gold back.

    The second was when he was casing a village to see what he could steal. While doing so they were set upon by a small band of brigands. Raogar turns them inside out because in his eyes they were trying to muscle in on his operation. It should also be noted he's about 6' tall, and 6' wide. Not all of that is fat either, although he is overweight. The villagers declared him a hero and threw a celebration. At that point he enjoyed the party, got everyone roaring drunk and waited for them to pass out, then stripped the village of valuables.

    So from my PoV he's certainly not a good guy, but not outright evil either. He's also something of a blowhard and definitely a bully. Some people who know of Raogar even describe him as a schoolyard bully who never really grew up. A lot of times if people stand up to him he'll huff and puff, but ultimately back down and grumble about it not being worth all the fuss. On the other hand if he's threatened with violence or in danger, or someone manages to really piss him off, Raogar isn't afraid to crew up some scenery.
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    Doesn't fit the thief profile
    Thieves who feel guilty usually destroy things that they stole for the thrill but didn't even need. Wallets are sometimes found in bushes without any money missing in them. Returning to the crime scene with evidence would force them to confront their guilt, which is hard enough for people who stole something by mistake.

    Con man?
    If he's greedy, decadent and arrogant rather than looking for a thrill in the risk of getting caught, he would more likely become a con man who sees his victims as stupid. He love feeling superior after fooling someone and wants to show off his wealth in front of attractive women. He thinks that he deserves a fee for teaching them to be more careful, or simply because he's smarter than everyone and the pinnacle of evolution. If they are smarter than him, how come he outsmarted them? He love heckling his victims' intelligence because he wasn't good at academic subjects. Street smarts is his revenge on everyone who bullied him. If someone dies, nature never intended them to live. Pretty much like Donald Trump was raised to see his dead brother like a born loser.

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