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    Discussion in 'Scripts' started by teeekilicious18, Jan 2, 2017.

    I've tried writing a script just to get out of cheer boredom from trying to continue to write my novel as always. (I was excited that I got a call back.) I've tried writing a script for my country theatre production company to write an actual play and believe it or not... I've been rejected by LOCAL CELEBRITY. I MEAN LOCAL CELEBRITY. (Even my mum knows her but I did not share it to my mum about it) If I'm not rejected, I'm part of the production, so my dreams been flushed for the first time and went into depression.

    Then again, this is not the end. It's okay to be rejected. It's like this, this is why I'm inactive. Applying for something famous be like....

    **Just email the theatre company one of my writing examples**

    Seriously, 6 months later....

    Received a reply** Hey would you like to help out to write the next musical instead? (So of course, I would want it!)

    **The day I walked into the theatre, saw some musical kids preparing to audition as well, so I observed the characters and was given a homework to complete writing the story. I wasn't that excited with a local celebrity though (I mean not that I would go crazy that I've met her) but it feels honoured to have a call back.**

    ** So I went home to finish it and the deadline to finish writing is 2 weeks! Working in this type of industry is fast paced everyone! No joke. Then bad news, I receive no call back with what I wrote but I did start to message my boss to ask why, and then my boss say, 'sorry, its not what I wanted.'**

    (sorry I can't go on, it's embarrassing)

    Have you been rejected? Do tell.
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