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    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by J.P.Clyde, Sep 29, 2011.

    Title: Katibug

    "I don't know why we ever married or why we ever had her. It was our mistake with a consequence, a big consequence and now we had to suffer. Katlyn was never the type to take care of herself, I was both frightened of what could happen to my daughter, but I knew Katlyn would never intentionally harm our child. But Katlyn persisted to live in the slums and quote "cankering it". It was by choice. To live ghetto."


    I wasn't exactly sure where to put this. I suppose I could put it in the research maybe I should. So I had an interesting idea of a father taking care of his daughter. He's a middle class with a middle class job. His wife or ex wife I really should say is a "wild spirit, ghetto hippie" whom purposely wants to live in the slums to have a "better model of life".

    "I suppose my attraction was naive and childish. I was young and she was young. Not to young, but it takes a while to settle from teenhood to adulthood. When you're in your twenties you might as well be a teenager still. Until you hit the magic number twenty-five to some people. I was once attracted to her wild nature, her free spirit thinking, and trashy way of life."

    I'd like some insight if anyone has lived in or close to it. And it can be really any situation woman taking care of the kids versus the father or the other way. While the other side apparently seems carefree and with no responsibility.

    I have Google this as well. But it's also nice to have a more personal something to attach to. Btw, I understand this situations may be sensitive so PMs are acceptable as well if you'd like to share.


    I myself probably have to look into why Kat would want to live ghetto. Everyone else wants to live rich. So why does she have such a strange mental shift? Something I need to explore myself, but any ideas would be nice.

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