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    Keep Your Dogs On A Leash Please

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by MainerMikeBrown, Nov 7, 2014.

    One of the more enjoyable things that I like to do is going for walks around my neighborhood as well as other neighborhoods in my town. It's good to get the exercise. And it's nice to take in some fresh air.

    However, it can be rather intimidating to be walking down a street and have one or more big dogs come after me, especially if I don't know the dog(s) that are coming after me. I don't want to get assaulted by them.

    In my town, we have leash laws. So if you own dogs and you want to be fair to everyone else, please keep the dogs on a leash like you're supposed to.
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    Notes from the choir: Unleashed dogs and their moron owners

    I can see I was more upset than you, probably didn't help the conversation.

    My dog the first time an off-leash dog attacked her (major surgery - $4200):

    My dog the second time an off-leash dog attacked her (three hours in the ED - $500)

    Fortunately she has recovered and both moron owners paid the bills.

    I've been lobbying our city for better leash law signs at the park trailheads and more visible enforcement. They've scheduled a meeting with my neighbor and me next week.

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