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    Living macguffin

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by TheApprentice, Jul 26, 2015.

    So my story has a protag group of 5 characters, a large college level academy, and an island on which is a big city as well as several dwellings on the island and criminal hideouts. In the story there is a living macguffin, who is made known early on in the story to be on the island. Nobody knows who the mcguffin is, probably not even the mcguffin him/herself, kind of like the "Dragon Born" from Skyrim or the One from Matrix.

    The story, while allowing every main character their own personal story, has a clear main protag. The reader will probably assume that the main character is the mcguffin. How can I avoid this? Or at the very least create some doubt or leave the reader open to the idea that another character may be?

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