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    login / logon

    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by gorweave, Jun 29, 2010.

    Hi. I'm a brand-new member to this site. My first question is whether you can use login or logon as a verb. E.g., before you login / logon, you will have to provide additional information.

    Also, will we ever see 'login' and 'logon' used like this?
    Before you login to the computer, you will have top ....

    Can 'login' and 'logon' (one word) be used as adjectives and nouns?

    And finally, is it:

    log on to the website
    log onto the website

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    Both are acceptable. In the Windows world, Log on and Log off are preferred, and the mainframe world used to favor Log in and Log out.

    The separated words (e,g, log on) are generally preferred for a verb context, and the joined word (e.g. logon) is preferred for a noun context.

    Unless you're in a fairly technical context, some of this splits some pretty fine hairs.

    As for yout final example, both are acceptable, but log on to the website is slightly preferred.

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