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    Beta Reading Looking for Betas for 60k word novel "Darkest Storm"

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by big soft moose, Feb 28, 2018.

    Its action adventure thriller - if you read Lee Child, Matt Hilton, Barry Eisler etc it's kinda like that - some sex and a fair bit of violence (not torture porn graphic or anything but about the same level as the authors above)

    You need to be able to look past the occasional grammar mistake - its not like i'm illitterate or anything, but I do my spag and format last, so there'll be misplaced commas and things like that. At this stage you don't need to point them out, i'm more interested in does the plot, charcter, setting etc work.

    99% of the action takes place in america so i'd be particuarly interested n at least one beta from the states - It starts on the Alabama / Florida line and finished on the Canadian border with Wisconsin (and yeah i know that's in the middle of a lake) ...the mid part action mostly takes place in Mississippi and Iowa

    Blurb follows (obvs this is draft too)

    "British gun for hire, Dusty Miller, divides the world into two sorts of people. Friends, and everyone else. He didn't care that much about America's slide into fascism or the persecution of 'social undesirables,' until the day his dead fiancée's brother asked for his help.
    When Aldo is pressured for protection money he doesn't have, to stop him and his partner being sent to the camps for the heinous crime of being gay, he turns to the only man he knows will help him.
    Now Dusty does care, it makes no difference whether he is facing down vicious bikers, or taking on a whole country of police and federal security goons, he'll help his friend even if hell bars his way.
    As he cuts a bloody swathe across America he finds a country divided, where help comes from unexpected quarters and his fight is with only a minority who seek to neither protect or defend."

    If you Beta for me I'll shout you out in the acknowledgements , and give you a free copy of an ebook of the finished article. If you want i'll also name a minor character after you in my next book ( I don't guarantee that you won't be a hooker who dies in the first chapter though :D )

    If you are interested post below, or hit me up on a pm, and let me know whether you would prefer a word file or pdf.
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    Sign me up. I’m not beta reading anything right now.

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