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    Shut up, baby. I know it.

    Looking for romance recommendations.

    Discussion in 'Discussion of Published Works' started by Ziggy., May 10, 2020.

    I'm looking for decent romance recommendations, maybe with some science-fiction involved. Fell in love recently with The Mad Scientist's Daughter and wanted to find more well-writeen AI/Robot & Human romances, or generally well-written romance.

    Seems there's a lot of generic oversaturation when it comes to the genre so I'm just trying to get a good idea of separating the wheat from the chaff.
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    I'm not sure about sci fi romance, but the last romance novel I read that now I think about wasn't a romance novel necessarily is a book called Be Frank With Me, by ... Someone. It's rather cheese covered in a few spots, but overall, it's a decent story. I don't typically go for romance, so I was happy to be surprised by that one. It's about a woman who is this author's personal assistant and ends up building a friendship with the author's son, Frank. Hijinks ensue, hue hue hue.
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    The Heaven and Hell in my mind.
    At first I thought this was an ad about single ladies in my area. Anyway-

    Your Name.

    Your Name.


    Your Name.

    It's an anime movie, so different medium than a novel, but don't restrict yourself to the written word. You can learn a lot from any storytelling form.

    If you have an open mind and you're willing to give anime a try, then I also recommend The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and the show Steins;Gate (not the prequel, which is Steins;Gate Zero).

    It's NSFW, but there's also the Bakemonogatari series. That's an erotic, perverted harem though.

    These are all available on Amazon Prime Video, or on Crunchyroll. I would start with Your Name if you've never watched anime before, or if you're skeptical of my taste. Just do yourself a favor and watch the dub.

    (Note: These romances all have supernatural, sci-fi / fantasy elements to them. Your Name is more of a teen romance, whereas Steins;Gate is more adult I'd say.)
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