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    Love Triangle: Past vs. Present

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by live2write, Jan 19, 2014.

    After writing several chapters, my MC character's relationship is turning into a twisted love triangle.

    Main Character: Angelina has a past life. In her past life she was married to character Sully. What caused her downfall was when she was frozen in a cryogenic sleep for many years (approx 1000) and then one day her body disappeared.

    In her present life she was rescued by Sully's friend Daron (who are both the same species of fae). Because Angelina has very little memory of what happened in her past life, she begins to fall in love with Daron.

    Meanwhile, Daron does develop feelings for her, even though he knows and is aware that Sully and her were married. Because circumstances are different, he gives in but keeps it quiet and away from Sully.

    Sully still has feelings for Angelina. He still believes she is who she was. When Angelina first meets Sully there is evidence that she remembers him. However Angelina is on the fence with her feelings.

    What conflicts would be brought up with this situation?
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    Umm...it's your story. And you're the one placing the protagonist in the situations where decisions have to be made. You create the society and you give the characters their personality, capabilities, and needs. No one else can do that job for you (though I have been experimenting with outsourcing my writing to a small Middle Eastern nation. The rates are good and Walid can turn out a novel in about six weeks)

    “They can’t yank a novelist the way they can a pitcher. A novelist has to go the full nine, even if it kills him.”
    ~ Ernest Hemingway
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    I laughed at the joke so I do hope it was a joke @JayG.

    I'm confused by your question, @live2write. Are you asking what conflict we see because you want to know if it came across like you had in mind? Or are you asking us to expand on the conflicts you already presented, because there are plenty there?

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