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    Lynx: Urban Fantasy Crime / Own voices - looking for betas

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Mckk, Aug 21, 2020.

    This is an urban fantasy crime novel completed at 77k words and a sort of own voices story, set with a British Chinese cast in the middle of contemporary London, England, with some re-imagined aspects because this is, after all, fantasy. Below is my query:

    Men possessed by ferocious animal spirits, dubbed the Jujus, are seeking revenge and everyone is guilty. When they burn down a gambling ring and his brother goes missing in the catastrophe, Detective Lynx Wu insists he takes the case.

    He can’t even remember the last time he talked with his brother, always because of work, and the guilt drives him deeper into the case. Enter Sutyu Lam, a girl who knows his brother with a secret of her own: she kills without hesitation; she keeps her address a secret; and she is too poor to be able to buy the numerous vials of stolen magic she has from the Magician in the black market. After she saves his life from the Jujus, he lets his guard down even as alarm bells ring.

    But Sutyu has been working for the Jujus even as she starts having second thoughts and genuinely falling for Lynx. The truth, however, always catches up. But when Lynx discovers his brother has become a Juju, he must choose between going it alone or working with Sutyu, the traitor, if he hopes to save his brother at all.


    I am an art teacher in training and a mother with a love for origami. I was born in Hong Kong, raised in England, and now call the Czech Republic my home. I could write reams on my cultural identity, but to keep it short: I am English, not by blood; I am a Hong Konger, not Chinese; I am a banana and a rising bamboo; and for the Czechs, apparently I am from London and definitely Chinese. I always introduce myself with my middle name included because it isn't my middle name at all, but my birth name, relegated to memory and special mentions. Imagine, if this was short, how long the long version must be.

    PM me if you wanna be my beta :) I'm asking that whoever agrees to this to send me comments by end of November, as I intend to begin implementing people's comments by then.
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    I can beta. I have experience doing it in the past for a number of people as well. I'm fairly consistent in getting through chapters and provide a lot of feedback on what you would like for me to look at. I use Microsoft word primarily because I can make nicely organized comments for the chapters. I can generally review 2-4 chapters per week, but sometimes can burn through more. Just send a PM.
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