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    Magical crystals! collect them while supplies last~

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Kata_Misashi, Sep 20, 2015.

    So one of the main plots of my story involves crystals that I have named 'Horus Crystals' (as sticking to the bird theme 'ere. ^^;)

    These crystals work just like how'd you think. Grab it, focus, and BAM... Magic powers. And its not just the basic 'elemental' powers; there are much more. Anyway I was thinking of doing more to make this crystals more interesting but... I'm at a lost... I'm just going to throw out a couple of ideas and see what you guys think of them.

    Suggestion A) The crystals if left unattended they cause various 'accidents' to happen around where they're at. Ex: Wind Crystal causes random hurricanes or Gravity crystals causes the surrounding area to become weightless or heavy.

    Suggestion B) The crystals are sentient. Upon grabbing one, you can hear and talk with them. The all have their own personalities and all can choose to use their power freely... even through their wielder.

    ...I'm just throwing out ideas. Input is greatly welcomed!
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    I'm not sure I've got much to contribute, but I feel bad that no-one's replied yet.

    I think that it will be difficult to find an original angle, but that's not to say that it can't be done, or that you necessarily need an original angle. I think the 'magical crystal' idea is a trope, in that it's been used in many stories before, but that's because it works (of course, some people might consider it a clich├ęd trope...). As per the usual 'It's depends how you write it' advice, you can still create something original by how your plot/characters/setting interact with the magic crystals.

    Both of your ideas sound alright to me (although I've heard similar before). You could combine them to make a nice dilemma for your characters. What occurs to me is to turn Suggestion B into a 'temptation/power corrupts' theme: the crystals whisper and tempt characters into using them, and because they contain an incredible power source, some of the characters get swept away with it. However, you've also got Suggestion A, which implies that the power can't just be ignored (or natural disasters will occur)... so someone has to take command of the crystals' power, but will they have the moral strength to wield them justly?

    Or perhaps you could reverse the 'power corrupts people' theme and portray it as 'people corrupt power'? Or make it a question: Does power corrupt people, or do people corrupt power? :)

    Sorry if that's not helpful, but maybe it'll prompt more discussion.
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