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    Major Writers Block

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by GnK44, Aug 20, 2007.

    I have this story I've been thinking about for awhile now, it's a fantasy, romantic, adventerous type story. I know how I want it to end but that's really about it, sadly. Basically the plot line includes elves and Drow (which are just dark, evil elves). See, there is this Drow Prince, Shinzar, who secretly worships a Goddess who wants to rejoin the elves and be one with them again, problem is he can't tell anyone because he could be killed or disowned. Poor guy, has to go and kidnap the Elf princess and kill her infront of the Drow kingdom to prove his strength and become King. So when the Drow attack the Elvish kingdom he sees the girl and falls in love with her and manages to help her escape. That's honestly all I have...besides the ending. I'd really, really love any ideas as to what should happen, whether it's the beginning or somewhere in the middle. It can be something romantic, some battle, some one on one fight...anything at all, even new species are welcomed.
    Thank you for ANY ideas I may recieve.
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    i do not have any ideas on what should happen unfortunatly, that is up to you to decide. al i can say is that sometimes it is better to just start writing and see what happens. i tend to do the same thing as you, i plan the begining and the charectors and stuff, and i know what i want to happen half way through and at the end, but i do not know how to get there. half of the time i just start writing, and see where it takes me. you might not end up with the ending that you first wanted, but at least you are getting somewhere.

    good luck anyways with your peice,
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    Hi Kat, and welcome to the Writing Forums,

    It sounds like you are focused on the plot, and having difficulties in getting the story to advance from your initial state to a desired finish.

    Plot moves in response to character actions, as well as from global influences (the political environment at the time, for instance, or external environmental forces like a food shortage). I would recommend concentrating on developing the characters, because their personalities will determine how they will react to a given set of conditions. When you have lively, well-rounded characters, the plot will advance almost of its own accord. You may need to introduce other characters at times to deflect the plot toward where you want it to converge, or you may find that giving your characters free rein based on how you have developed them will take you down a new and unexpected route to the conclusion.

    Shifting the focus from the plot to the characters may be just the fresh view you need to break the block.

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