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    Maps and Manuscripts

    Discussion in 'Publishing' started by Void, Jan 31, 2015.

    So, I have looked at some of the other threads on similar topics, but none of them seem to directly address my question, and my question is this: do you submit any relevant maps with the manuscript?

    I know that some people will just show up to say that the story should stand on its own without the aid of maps, but that's basically just dancing around the question.

    It's really not that much of a concern for me with my current story, since the specific plot renders the roads, towns and landscape rather moot around a third of the way through the story. Yet I intend to write another novel that will take place on an island large enough and complex enough that a map will probably be useful to understand the geography, especially since it will be a multi-PoV story. And so I ask this from a generalised perspective.

    If we are talking about the type of story that you would usually expect to contain a map if it were published, would you send the map with the initial manuscript? That is of course, assuming you have it created already.
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    I would mention in your query letter when you submit your partial manuscript that you have a completed (professionally made) map for this story, but I wouldn't send it unless requested. If the place you submit to asks your full manuscript, send it along then. I wouldn't send it at the querying phase though (might lead your submission right to the house's Spam folder).
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    I would leave it out of the manuscript, but mention that it exists when an agent or publisher shows an interest. Do you definitely want your map to be included in the book, or would you be happy for a publisher to get a professional illustrator to produce a map based on your drawing?

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