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  1. naturemage

    naturemage Active Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    West Lawn, PA

    Media Teen Squad

    Discussion in 'Archive' started by naturemage, Sep 17, 2014.



    A new facility has opened in the hills of California, set less than 10 miles from San Francisco. Under the command of Elise Rice, a squad has been formed of teenagers with powers chosen from their favorite shows and movies. Chosen somewhat randomly, the teens must learn to use their powers, and assist law enforcement and rescuers in day to day problems, as well as crisis situations. In addition, they must also deal with teenage problems such as their own development, romance, rules, etc.


    The roleplay is set in the present day United States, currently in its experimental stage, set in San Franscisco, but potentially traveling for crisis situations. The base for the group is outside San Francisco, in the midst of the mountains and forests nearby.


    The genre is mostly fantasy, but open to sci-fi as well. However, only real world vehicles can be provided, otherwise a person would have to build a sci-fi vehicles using the technology required (if it even exists in present day). There is some leniency for this, as the GM will allow for “experimental” technology to exist. (Ask GM for approval first, especially if your character will be sci-fi).


    The game itself will be focused on the characters using their powers to fight crime and deal with disasters. Basically, they will be a “catch-all” to assist police, firefighters, ambulances, and the government where disasters occur. Surprises will turn up, however.


    1) GM has final say in all situations, and such, has the power to delete posts through the roleplay moderator.
    2) Do not control other player characters without consent. NPCs introduced by the GM may be controlled unless stated otherwise.
    3) No God-moding.
    4) Discuss all issues in the Discussion Thread.
    5) No invincibility.
    6) First post is Character Template, which is also to be posted in the Discussion Thread.
    7) Continue from last post.
    8) Length- No one liners or short posts. Try for at least three paragraphs. If this isn’t possible, wait for a few more posts to get some filler.
    9) Read all previous posts, or enough to make sure there are no plot holes.
    10) No killing characters (Player and GM alike) without permission from both player and GM.
    12) Regarding in-character insults, etc.- please check with GM and the Player you will be talking to.
    13) Double check your posts before posting.

    References and Specs

    Commander Elise Rice- the founder of the Media Teen Squad, she was tasked with creating an organization to assist first responders in both everyday problems and in the time of crisis. Racking her brain, she came upon inspiration when she found her daughter, Kaylee, reading fanfics online. She was amazed at the creativity of teenage authors, combined with a basis of television shows, movies, and books. Thus, she had a scientist friend, Dr. David Croo, create a machine which gives the powers of a show to a person. Though her superiors were skeptical at first, after some initial testing, they saw great promise with her organization.
    Dr. David Croo- creator of the Power Transfer Device. He maintains the device and upgrades it. It focuses specifically on movies and television shows, but he is working towards books and comics as well. He also creates equipment, supervises vehicle creation, and is co-director of medical staff.
    Dr. Zoey Richards- director of medical staff and one of the best doctors around. She cares for all the teens at the facility, and ensures that they are healthy.
    Mark Keller and Amy Lee- Counselors for the facility, they ensure the mental wellbeing of the teens.
    Carl Long, Lisa-Michelle Raymond, and Emily Rosa- Teachers for the facility, they are knowledgeable in high school subjects and ensure the teens continue their education.

    Mount Circuit Facility- the half-underground facility where the Media Teen Squad is housed, it includes everything the teens need to practice, educate themselves, get medical treatment, have a good time, etc. There are small houses on the facility, each with a kitchen, two baths, living room, an office, three bedrooms, and a large yard. Teens are assigned to live with each other, and the houses are co-ed.

    Character Template

    Name: First and Last
    Age: Middle and High School ages only
    Race: any
    Hometown: where are they from originally
    Special skills prior to Mount Circuit: were they good at anything beforehand (sports, academics, etc.)
    Hobbies: any hobbies
    Chosen show or movie: what show or movie they chose to gain powers from. If there is a specific character they are modeling after, say so. (Example, Lord of the Rings has a variety of races which the teen could choose to gain powers from).
    Any disabilities: You are required to have 1 disability, whether it be mental (can’t read, depression, etc.), or physical (permanent limp, asthma, etc.)
  2. Pheonix

    Pheonix A Singer of Space Operas and The Fourth Mod of RP Staff Contributor

    Jul 24, 2012
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    The Windy City

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