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    Melting Pot - Martin Cororan

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Gannon, Sep 21, 2007.

    The first work by a talented British author. His details the rise and fall of a fictional rogue South American principality, and the events that formed her.

    His world is immaculately conceived, no detail left undiscovered yet never too much. His characters from the birth of the province to its latter day demise are vivid, identifiable, believable, based in reality and truth, engaging, memorable and sympathetic.

    Several story threads slowly twine themselves together à la Tarantino but this is a much more understated work than those of his. His tempo is considered and he builds into crescendo and release, much like the turbulent nature of The Melting Pot's history.

    All elements come together satisfactarily and we are left as I imagine Cororan was as the book's completion, content but a little sad to see his world draw to a close. It doesn't all end happily for the protaganists and not all the baddies get what they're due - but then when do they?

    Very accomplished fiction from a promising talent.
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    seems very interesting :cool:

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