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    Jun 7, 2008
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    Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by zorell, Sep 18, 2008.

    Still green at the gills, I've noticed that there are some members who stand out as guides on this site. They act as mentors and I wanted to know if it would be too far fetched to create a Mentors label for said members?

    I've seen this on other sites and it makes it a lot easier to identify quickly who can help you, just as the Reviewer title does.

    I will note one thing though, the other sites didn't use that status to its full potential and I am quite assured that this would not be the case here.
  2. Lucy E.

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    May 25, 2008
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    Sounds like a fab idea. :)
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    it's very nice of you to propose this idea, z, but even though i'm actually a full time mentor off the board, and have been for many years, i wouldn't support adding a 'title' like that on the board...

    to do that responsibly, with the best interests of our members a priority, it would mean the mods/admin would have to 'vet' the proposed titlees, since they'd be in effect touting/endorsing them with the award of such a title, and i don't think that can be done effectively without testing their background, abilities and commitment firsthand, nor do i believe it should it be part of their job, which already entails quite a bit of work and time...

    i can attest from years of being one, that along with the ability and significant amount of knowledge and experience required, it takes a major commitment to help others for nothing at all in return, to take on what i call 'mentees' and work with them one-on-one off the site, making yourself available whenever they need help or just a supportive ear and shoulder...

    other sites that have awarded that title to some members don't actually mean the titled ones are really 'mentors' in the full sense of the term, but only that they're willing to go a bit further in reviewing work and giving advice on the site, rather than providing the very personal connection a true mentor offers to those who want to pursue a field in which the mentor is well-established and can offer coaching on...

    keep in mind that should our estimable admin get into the business of recommending and putting their stamp of approval on those they choose to title mentors, they'll also be leaving themselves wide open to blame, if all they so name are not all the 'mentees' hoped for... it's a slippery slope i'd hate to see our great mods and site owner perch themselves on, for their sakes alone...

    that's how this mentor sees it, anyway... but it was good of you to notice the extra work some here give to their fellow members and want to recognize them for it... i'd merely suggest choosing a different title... how about 'guru' or 'sensei'?

    love and hugs, maia

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