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    Monster Quest: Back Cover Description

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Dec 3, 2014.

    I've started working on this story called Monster Quest, and I thought before I get a jump on the actual story (because it's going to be a very long story) I figured I might as well make a description for the back of the book if I ever publish it for real. Anyways here it is. All feedback is welcome...

    “Once upon a time” it’s a simple statement, but when you hear it you already know that you’re in for some story of sorts whether it be good, or bad, or somewhere in between. Stories have become a part of us and our world, and have within them great journeys of extraordinary heroes facing menacing foes. They have become portals to other worlds that are always there for us to explore as long as they remain existent. We have so many stories now it’s impossible for us to comprehend them all within our lifetime which always leaves us with something new to explore.

    …but what would happen if there was someone with the power to enter these world’s and corrupt them…

    Chaos? Destruction? Death? Agony? Possibly even worse?

    A man with no name with the power to corrupt stories, a boy who has the power to bend time, and five crystals with limitless powers. What do all of these things have in common? Well, you’re about to find out; for within these pages lies no regular story. Instead lays a quest like no other which takes place one of the greatest battles of good versus evil. This is no ordinary quest by any means. This is no other than the legendary quest of monsters otherwise known as…Monster Quest.

    ...”Once upon a time” has never been this underestimated.
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    haha, sounds very entertaining.

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