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    Mood writing

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by writer one, Sep 24, 2015.

    I am in a bad mood, why because I am going deaf and I cannot understand those who can hear. This has been going on for about one to five years and I have learned a lot about i,t becoming deaf. A new hearing aid is from one thousand to five thousand dollars. Who has that kind of money in today's society? Medicare does not pay for eyes dentures or hearing aids. Anything outside of hearing aids is called hearing devices. In my life I have seen those without eyes noses ears feet and etc.

    But I never thought about me being without body parts, now I do because one has to hear before one can take on any conservation other than (deaf speak with the fingers, I don't know what to call it)? I still can't understand how to write outside of my knowledge universe. writer one
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    its called sign language. (language spoken with your hands)

    As far as the rest of this post, what you are looking for is the ability to empathize with other people. To understand or share the feelings of another even if you haven't experienced what they are going through.

    Empathy is a very hard concept for people, and most humans inability to truly place themselves in another persons shoes is part of the major causes of political divide and tension in the world today. So don't feel bad that you haven't mastered empathy yet, because most people never do. That said, the best writers are masters of this talent, it is what allows them to write interesting and diverse characters.
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    Really sorry to hear that, writeronene:( Hope you find the aid that you need!

    Writing about a person that is completely different from yourself is one of the harder things to learn as a writer. All of us have our own feelings, our own thoughts that we can relate to, and these are, of course, the easiest to translate into a believable character in writing.

    I do think this is something that can be learned though, but it requires growing as a person perhaps more than growing as a writer. As wellthatsnice already mentioned it's about empathy, the ability to understand what drives a person, why this person feels a certain way and to be able to understand what goes around in someone elses mind. I do believe it is something that can be learned though, but it will require a lot of observation, a lot of contact with people and a genuine concern for them as well.

    On a side note though; why not write about the things you yourself are going through right now? I understand it is a process that must be hard for you, but why not try to use it as an inspiration for your writing? Even if it isn't a serious work, it might help you to "write off" some of the stress and frustration as well as help you grow as a writer, while at the same time addressing an issue in society that I think rarely receives the attention it should get.
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    Why didn't you mention this in your thread about italics / commas ?

    It puts a whole new perspective on things and would have explained a lot.

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