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    More questions about order of character introduction

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by bsbvermont, Aug 8, 2012.

    Hi Folks...many of you responded about switching the order of chapters one and two between the novel for Policy 99 and the screenplay...Thank you...The new question is that I sent off chapters 1 and 2 to two Betas without telling them which one was the first chapter in order to get their read on which one they felt should come first. Both said it should be the chapter about Duncan (originally chapter 2). I agree he is the much more interesting character and hence better chapter for back story and Duncan does actually arrive in Burlington before Anne).

    Here's the question..would it still be legit to describe Anne as the protagonist, if she is not introduced until chapter 3? And do I keep my opening paragraph, even if it's going to be in chapter 3?

    There is a certain feeling you get, just as you crest the hill in Burlington, Vermont and first glimpse the Queen City and Lake Champlain below; it immediately opens you up to all possibilities.


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    I haven't read the piece myself, but I'm currently writing a piece with three main characters, one of which isn't brought into the story until around chapter 8 or 9, depending on how writing ends up going.

    The way I see it, as long as Duncan is a character that we follow throughout the story, and you continue to do chapters from his point of view even after Anne is introduced, this shouldn't be a problem. Or at least, it wouldn't be for me.
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    Whichever one you want the MC to be should be introduced fairly early. I bent that rule in Phoenix Rising. I let a secondary character, but important for the MC, to start the story off. However, the MC, as an dead person in stasis, is in all the scenes too. As for the others, you can introduce then really where ever they fit into the plot. The second of my big three character's doesn't even show up til chapter 40 something (short chapters).

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