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    Movie Idea Do's and Don't's

    Discussion in 'Scripts' started by Lewdog, Sep 27, 2013.

    I'm sure this thread has been done before, but I would like to keep things clean and crisp...to the point. I've heard the whole, "An idea is worth nothing," mantra so if that's all you have to say save your time and don't waste your time or mine. I have several very detailed and intricate ideas for movies. They are actually pretty unique and not your run of the mill stuff. From what I can see, the movie industry is full of biased nepotism, and it is extremely difficult for new people to break in. Has anyone heard of a person actually getting to pitch their idea? Does anyone have any idea how to go about doing such a thing? The only thing I have ever found is a scam where you have to pay a guy to buy a trip to Las Vegas and you get thirty seconds as part of a huge audience to pitch your idea in front of a guy that may/may not be part of the movie industry.
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    meaning what, exactly?... i don't know of any family with a lock on things other than some in the acting end of the biz...

    as for pitching ideas, that only works after you're an established professional screenwriter with a good track record, so producers will feel it worth their time to give you five minutes of their busy day, to deliver a pitch... many of which are delivered over lunch, in the elevator, or on the golf course by the writer's agent...

    no one buys ideas in la-la-land, 'cause ideas have no intrinsic value... they only buy scripts...

    the greatest idea ever can bomb in the hands of a beginner, while the worst idea ever can become a blockbuster hit if developed by a talented pro... so, only the completed screenplay can be assessed by agents/producers with a view to repping/buying it or tossing it...
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    You may have heard, but you didn't listen. Only when the detail approaches final product does the idea have special merit. Even then, it isn't really the idea that made the story work, it's the execution.

    It's only a waste of my time and yours of you refuse to consider the point. I'm willing to risk it, personally.

    Of course, someone watching or reading the final creative product may be under the impression that the idea is unique, but that's merely a suspension of pigeonholing.
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    Is there another kind?

    I mean, that's sort of like saying a baseball-playing shortstop.
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    As previously mentioned, you don't pitch ideas, you pitch a script (which may be only one piece of a complete 'pitch package'). Unproven filmmakers/writers have pretty much no chance of getting a big deal right out of the gate.
    That said, if you know where to look, there are pitchfests around. I know of one a few hours from me that actually does allow for new writers to pitch their material even if they don't have a track record - one of the only ones that does, last I heard.
    There are ways of making a film outside the big studios, but then the risk is entirely on your head if your great ideas fall short.

    Yes, the film industry is hard to get into, but not impossible. And if it is something you are interested in pursuing, it couldn't hurt to educate yourself a bit, starting with your local film scene. Most cities would have a film society, workshops, maybe even festival or two. Do your homework now so you can save face later. And as far as I'm aware, the film industry isn't anymore nepotistic than any other industry out there.
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    You're going to look back at this post one day and blush.
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    It's hard to tell from what you wrote whether you have experience writing screenplays. If you don't, that would be where to start. Lots of books and templates out there to get you started.

    If it were me, I would work your ideas into a finished state before you try to do anything else. The other posts are correct, in that you're getting the cart before the horse if all you've got are great ideas—and you want somebody else to make them into a finished movie.

    If it were me, I'd concentrate on writing a story that won't need a huge budget to film. Then look around for independent filmmakers. Even film students? See what fits best with your finished product. Don't be afraid to start at the bottom and work up. All it will take is a few people to see your film (maybe at an independent film festival) and like it, and you've got a base to work from.

    And good luck! Remember, unless their daddy was a filmmaker too (!) all successful filmmakers started exactly where you are now.
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    @Lewdog maybe you could find some cool friends, talk about stuff you like, including your movie ideas, get some money, buy a camera and some video-editing software, and try doing it yourself!
    What kind of people you should consider as your new friends:
    . a writer between jobs, to write your screenplay
    . an art-student, to design and visualize for you
    . a semi-professional photographer to hold the camera
    . a few people to act as actors - even reading parts of the script in front of the camera can count as acting

    Now, if you hope to actually make a lot of money and buy a house in Maldives - that ain't gonna happen. But you can still have fun!!!

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