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Discussion in 'Software' started by Laurin Kelly, Oct 28, 2018.

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    I use the basic 365 package across a number of machines (up to 5 are covered). I'll be honest; if Microsoft really want to take the risk stealing my absurd dirty stories for their own gain, then their needs must be greater than mine.

    I save all my work locally, then bung a zip file in One Drive and sync the files in OneNote as well.
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    Leaving aside the legalities of their T&C's, my main stumbling block is the sheer number of different options you have to wade through to decide what to get. I found this gem in the Microsoft Community Forums, of all places:

    Keep in mind that on top of all these (somewhere clearly spelled out, though often not summarised) options there are other issues, which I have read on some product reviews on 3rd party vendors like amazon (which may or may not be true), such like there are frequent licensing issues, frequent login issues (even for the stand-alone versions, you'll need a Microsoft account at least for licensing and installation. It may be possible that the mentioned issues affect you even after that), or that the stand-alone editions are further locked down than just the always mentioned feature updates/upgrades (one review I read indicated that the stand-alone version couldn't be personalised, even for stuff like changing the toolbar, and the reviewer claimed that Microsoft Support told him he'll need a subscription version for that. Again, this may be untrue, but...)

    On top of all that, the Mac versions (which I am most interested to get) are apparently even more buggy and feature-reduced than the Windows counterparts (and some components of the Office package are not even included, yet one pays the same price...)

    [NB: Not that I care much at this point: The one component of Office that has no feature-compatible alternative anywhere is Excel. And in particular Excel:Mac is quite frequently mentioned as being so buggy as on the verge of unusable, and so feature-reduced compared to Excel:Win that it makes no sense to get.]

    My personal conclusions are this:

    - I would, currently, at most need Word. I do not need anything else from the Office package. Just Word. And I do not see that I ever go back to it as main text processing or writing tool. It will only be a supporting app for me.
    - Given the current state of things – Microsoft's pricing policy of offering this ginormous number of options, the general high price of Office (compared to the alternatives I currently use), and the technical difficulties that do seem apparent – I'm personally staying away from Office (and Word) as far as I can, as long as I can.
    - If I ever decide to get one, or need one, I'm leaning towards the lowest priced business subscription of full, i.e. downloadable, Office (if only because I can get a tax deduction for business expenses with it), or the stand-alone Word (if I can ever find out beforehand what the technical differences between it and its Office 365 subscription counterparts are, exactly... or the exact licensing. Microsoft, on their store pages, do not even tell one if it's licensed for personal or business use [tax deduction, again], or which version one will get. It's just called "Word". Not "Word 2019" or "Word 2016" or... Given that they say it will not get free upgrades, it should be said which version number one actually gets, no?)
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    @Martin Beerbom - Since I bought the 5 license Office 365 (Windows 10, primarily for the 5 1TB OneDrive Accounts), I get access to all versions of Office, I'm not a heavy user of Word, but since I'm paying for it, I use it whenever I need an office suite. I have not noticed the problems you have mentioned. Naturally, I can't speak to the Mac version. However, I've not found it to be any less reliable than the Windows version of LibreOffice.

    In truth, I do most of my writing in Atomic Scribbler, with a major assist from Scrivener. Both are far superior to Word for creative writing.
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    I use the Mac version of Word all the time for work. No issues regarding reliability or bugs. I don't use it for creative writing, however.

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