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    Musical Inspiration while you work!

    Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Contour Chromatic, Jan 31, 2014.

    Hello writers one and all,

    I've done a spot of creative writing in my time though I've never had the persistence to see it through the writer's block and the self doubt that usually creeps in about 2/3 through the work. When I genuinely had to produce the goods in time for a deadline though, I found that one of the things that inspired me to soldier on and write the thing was music- inspiring music that didn't interfere too much and acted as a soundtrack for the scenes that were playing out on the page.

    Below is a YouTube playlist that I'd encourage you to listen to. There's a huge range of moods and styles, including orchestral, electronic, ambient etc, on there and hopefully you'll find the music helpful for the writing process.

    Any feedback on the music would be most welcome- please enjoy, and best of luck with your projects.

    All the best,

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