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    My Heritage, Mythcosis mythology, and psi-force legends part 1

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Alex Wida, Nov 12, 2017.

    This is a explanation of my books
    First off
    My heritage
    Which is about who I believe are my ancestors which are a roman centurion on the hunt to kill Attila which he succeeds and the Huns empire crumbles, a English knight who fought many challenges such as inquisitors, brigands, barbarians, other knights, and some historical figures (I think) and won, and last but not a male Russian soldier during ww2 who teams up with a female Ukrainian sniper to take down Nazi Germany (which explains how Nazi Germany was defeated. (and if you ask to tell the truth I'm part Russian, part Ukrainian, part Italian, part English, and part Scottish).
    Next will be
    The Mythcosis Mythology
    it's about a dream I had in which a dark hooded creature who has power to freeze your movement, has control over black water, mist, or some other form of liquid and kills you and fighting back in any is useless. I've also begin to dream other creatures and thought It could have a greater meaning so I'm making book about it. It has good guy creatures such as The Telkdavan (pure white skin tall muscular warriors with red eyes hair that depends on gender (males have white hair while females have red hair) and their most beloved warrior is the slayer a fighter whose preferred weapon is and always is spears and their special racial spell called annihilate that destroys entire armies with a flash of powerful burning light. The Hyvar empire a benevolent left wing socialist monarch ruled by Primus Emperor Abal Adryak their known for looking like humans and their advances in technology such as biotech, power armor development, and laser guns that don't need cool downs or reloading and can penetrate any type of armor. They're also known for training hard and skilled army legions. Next are the elements are made up of 23 elements (I'll explain in next post). and One of the bad guy creatures are zorkrall a purple skin creature with yellow glowing eyes and look like Cthulhu creatures.

    And Trust me I have seen crazy stuff in my dreams.

    And now to be continued
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    This sounds extremely interesting. I wouldn't mind reading it.
    I'm writing a book about the daughter of medusa (my oc)

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