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    My Return

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Azurisy, Jan 13, 2015.

    I return to Writing Forums once in a while...

    I was Harshavardhan Vijay Moghe, and I am transparent. How time flew... as I am now the angel!

    To demonstrate my glorious adventures, justice and humanity to date, I have reset the profile to include new home page. It is Azuris, my imaginative kingdom set in the fantasy universe, not to mention the historic, present and future world of humankind, i.e. the Earth, the world wars and prosperities.

    I would like to resettle here, and my prestige to all!

    Anyway, just to sign with writer's pen, I am Isune Whistux the Emperor of Azuris.

    So a few songs to celebrate with you all...

    Azuris is as majestic as the Sun.
    Its Stuwins Alcazar is as magnificent as yours.
    It is where I live and reign,
    At the Azure House, down which the Imperial Adventurers
    With armaments and the Art of War,
    All set to conquer the universe!

    Invisible Hand
    The eagle was swift.
    The rabbit was white.
    The talons were sharp.
    The intellect was shiny.

    I suspected the assassin.
    He was sly and stealthy.
    Slashed at my nerve-ends.
    Knuckled at my nerve-ends.
    Kissed my neck from behind.
    Hissed from behind.
    I was scared!

    The assassin was seducing me all these years!
    He loved me.
    He cared about me.
    He was condescending to me.
    He strung together to keep me alive.
    He tickled me.
    He sucked, then blowed at my nerve-ends.
    He grinned, his smile as shiny and tacky as rose.
    He smiled, his teeth as shiny and pristine as white marble.
    He clenched his hands.
    He grinded his teeth.
    His tongue was sharp and swift as the snake’s.
    His tongue was as tacky and sticky as the sweetest lolly.
    His moustache was sleek, sly and stylish.
    His moustache was as sweet as dark chocolate.
    He slid me at his sanctuary.
    He dragged me to sleep with him.
    His skin was fair and white.
    His skin was silky and smooth.
    He was awesome!
    He was my angel!

    The clouds diverge.
    The starry heaven falls silent.
    The twinkling stars
    Transparent of white light.

    The sky was azure.
    The White Swan stood.
    The Sun Knights were transparent.
    The angel was here!

    I am all with intellect, ears, eyes, wings, hands and heels!
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    Welcome back.
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    On behalf of the staff, welcome back. :)
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