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    My Story idea (Kind of Long)

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Paperboy, Jan 10, 2007.

    hey i have an idea of a horror/thriller story that im writing, i plan to try to publish it when im older, but if not i'll just write it for fun.But i really started getting more ideas for my story, tell me what you think.

    My story is mainly about an evil spirits that kills these teenagers by being able to posses electronic devices, so it can use anything with electrcicity to try to harm them. The reason for this is about 3 brothers that lived in a bad home, they were in a building with a few people. But the building collasped and everyone was able to be saved, but they wern't able to save one of the brothers. Sad over this one of the remaing brother uses an old dark magic, thinking it will bring his brother back but instead it brings back his spirit of rage and hate that goes searching for those he thinks is responsible for his death, "the people that were saved from the builing instead of him". The other brothers become corrupt and try to keep this spirit alive, but after this spirit kills the last person it dissapears. Years later the spirit returns when it realizes that those responsible for his death had children, the spirit see's it like the parents are still alive inside of them and starts to try and kill them which would explain why the the teenagers are in trouble. One teenager "the main girl of the story" had a half brother that drowned a few years ago, she is also missing her father who was killed by this spirit. She goes on a quest to find out what really happened when a man that used to know her father gives her his number and tells her she and the othe teenagers are in danger. But the spirit has gotten more enraged that it didn't finsih the job and becomes more brutal and stronger with each failure.

    i also made one of the teenagers go bad at the end because i wanted to add more then just the spirit as the antagonist. The 2 brotheres are the real enemies at the end. But one brother remains unknown until the final pages of the book after the climax. The one brother that is known is a cop but he is really the brother that did the dark magic to create the spirit.

    what do you think? anything sound off to you, i wanted to try something i made up from scratch and not a copy of another idea. i tried to add more to it then just killing off teenagers, i wanted to go deeper than that. and i wanted to add mystery to the story.
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    The dumpster behind your McDonalds.
    Hoosha. Sounds cliched, but still a worthwhile ride.

    Pitch it to Japan as a movie and you've got yourself a hit. ;)

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