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    Naming Fiefdoms?

    Discussion in 'Research' started by JTheGreat, Jun 12, 2010.

    My story is a fantasy-ish story, set in a medieval-ish (I say "-ish" because things such as pocket watches exist and bodices and breeches are popular) realm. I thought I was doing fine, 'til I read First Test by Tamora Pierce, and in that book every noble belonged to a fiefdom, and those who didn't stated their name as X of Whatever Village They Were From. Oh crap. I don't have fiefdoms.

    Well, I did, kind of. My countship resides in Grey Manor, because they're last names are the Grey's (clever, right?), but I thought that would be redundant a bit, because my character would have state her name as Tabitha Grey of Grey Manor.... My alternate name for it is Stonecastle, but that's SUPER original *Rolls Eyes*. Thoughts?
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    Well for one, just because Pierce has Fiefdoms doesn't mean that you need them. Especially since you have "-ish"s. Yes, fiefdoms would make the setting more realistic, but they aren't necessary.

    As for grey manor and stone castle, castles are often have their own names or are named after where they are (or the area after the castle)

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