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    Nano Fiction challenge.

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Elgaisma, Mar 21, 2012.

    1) Write a story on the chosen topic using less than 75 words.
    2) Leave a topic and if you like genre for the next poster. (feel free to recycle the topic you wrote about)
    3) If you want a review, remember to post it in the workshop section.

    So for example this one was from another challenge I did. Title: What Lies Beneath; Genre: Weird Western

    Ole Murphy's Hat
    Ole Jim Murphy climbed on board the train bound for some place. He felt the stare of his companions. They whispered about the hat. It was famous in at least twelve counties. At least twenty gallons and pink, there was none other like it in these here parts.

    One man leaned forward. 'Can we see it?'

    Jim winked and lifted up his hat. Haunting tunes filled the carriage as the lice band began to play.

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