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    Need help with big cat story

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by caters, Nov 2, 2015.

    I am writing a story about lions and other big cats. I am currently working on the 3rd chapter which focuses on leopards and cheetahs.

    But I am stuck. This is the first time I have officially had writers block.

    Here is what I have so far:

    Tau and Banda were doing really well with having a pride. Despite the fact that Natasha is white, she still had a high success rate in hunting.

    It took years for leopards and cheetahs to know that all lions were friendly. Once they knew it, they commonly searched for lions when they were hungry if prey is scarce.

    Moswaio often is in Tau and Banda’s territory. The lionesses are tired and Tau and Banda are hungry.

    Tau and Banda said “Moswaio, can you hunt for us?”

    Moswaio said “Sure. I will bring food back.”

    I was thinking of possibly having some lionesses going off on the hunt while in heat and attracting a male leopard or having Tau and Banda come across a female leopard in heat. Then in the fourth chapter would be the very first wild leopons(leopard x lioness) or liards(lion x leopard).

    But besides the leopard spots and tail tuft and round ears, what characteristics should I give the leopons and liards? Should I give the leopons the social and strong characteristics of lions and the liards great tree climbing ability like leopards?

    I am free for any ideas.
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    I take it realism is not what you are going for? I watch Big Cat Diary when nothing else is on and lions kill cheetahs and leopards automatically when they can because the big cats are competition. I don't think they consume the animals after the kill but I'm not sure about that. One thing for sure is, in the wild those animals do not mate across species.

    Ligers are the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger. Tigers are much bigger than cheetahs and leopards.
    Like mules and hinnys, which species is male and which is female gives one different offspring.
    Whereas the leopard is in the same genus as the lion: panthera; the cheetah is in the felinae genus.

    I can't advise you except to say if you've gone that far out of the realm of realism, you can make up anything you want.
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    What's the overall plot of your story? It sounds like you're just sort of telling us a bunch of stuff that happened, but that's not really what most stories are about.

    Figure out what the big plot is - what do your characters want/need, what's in their way, and what do they have to do to achieve their goal - and it should tell you more or less what your next chapter should be about.
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