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    Need members for an MMO project

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by mykeeturn, Dec 2, 2011.

    Team name: SoftCouch

    Project name: Defendersof Yggdrasil

    Who are we? We are a small group of german/english speaking developers who love to learn new things, expand their minds, work on projects together andplay games. Some of us know each other in the real life, some only because of the internet. We are working on the projects in our free time and if we can make some money with it we always share it or invest it into the next project.Some of us are experienced, some of us are newbies. Some of us were in the gaming area for a while, some did different things before. What we all have in common is that we love to play games.

    Brief description:
    DoF is a free roaming MMORPG that has features such as a unique equipment system, a great class selection of over 40+ possible Jobs and thousands of ways to customize your character. The game has a new progression system instead of the same leveling grinding MMORPGs that have been produced for awhile. Guild wars and Nation wars will be a big part of the games overall theme.
    Target aim:
    This game is a Free to Play with an item mall.

    Revenue share is available after launch.

    our game engine is Ogre 3D and we have a variety of different programs that are used to create mesh models, sculpt and texture work such as blender, Zbrush, Photoshop,etc.

    Talent we have:
    Right now we currently have four artists including myself, one person doing rigging and animating a dedicated programmer and a sub programmer that works closely with the designers. All current members are willing to help new members progress in the field applied for, so if you’re kind of new we will support you through the project.

    Talent we need:


    Two slots for modeler using blender 3ds max or Maya

    One slot available for a sculptor that uses Zbrush or Mudbox


    As I said we have a very dedicated programmer on our team who’s also will to teach those that join our team.

    Two slots available for programmers that use C++ and willing to learn Ogre3d

    Animator/Environment Designer

    One slot for animator

    And 2 slots for environmental design

    Sound effects and music

    2 slots are available for members that are dedicated in creating the sound effects and background music.

    Story Writers

    One slot is available for a story writer

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