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    Need Opinions/Advice on My Royal Family's Plot and Control Over Society

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by LordWarGod, Sep 19, 2018.

    I need your opinion on how logical this family's control really is and some advice/ideas if you have any to give on this. This isn't the main plot of my current story but I'm thinking it might be something I'd write about in the second book. Kind of a lengthy post, around 680 words so bear with me, please. Thank you for reading!

    So, my world is a high sci-fi/fantasy world. A Royal Family called the Wonder Family, one of the Six Royal Families that started of as an exploration expedition company back in the 1800's led by Randolph Vlad Wonder, father to Feroy Vlad Wonder. Today in the 61st century, it has full control of the human civilization known as The High Sovereignty of the Colonies. This regime was created shortly after the humans fled Earth a long time ago on an interstellar exodus ship known as the "pre-origin ship" which is also what is used to date events before and after they arrived on their capital world, Lorthon.

    The pre-origin ship was created by the Wonder Family several hundred years after an alien invasion of their world was foiled by a new alien ally that prevented their extinction, this ship was the Noah's Ark, it carried everything that the human race knew and created. The journey took over three hundred years to find a suitable world.

    The Wonder Family kept full control of all the blueprints for all kinds of technology from pre-origin ship times that were "lost" when they arrived. They used this against the new populace when they arrived who had little to no clue on how to create anything, they used it to gain considerable influence over the leaders of the new civilization and eventually became the primary provider for technology, especially military technology which gave them influential power in the regime.

    But the Wonder Family didn't have enough control, they weren't in a time of war and there wasn't a whole lot they could do to gain more power. It was a time of prosperity and peace, people were happy and everything was well. They remained important but as a background character in the political and power hierarchy.

    So, the Wonder Family intentionally hid blueprints for powerful pieces of technology and had full access to the pre-origin ship which no other had access to. The head of the family was the Emperor of the High Sovereignty, Feroy Vlad Wonder who had faked his death a few years after landing on Lorthon. He had made a blood pact with the Gods of Suffering, bound the fate of his family and the human race to them, he promised the Gods total war in exchange for the power to become a God of Suffering himself. Feroy had become a powerful demon lord and was immortal, he bided his time in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike.

    Feroy employed a puppet to play as the head of the family to influence the Black Council to use the Armed Forces to invade and commit acts of genocide against neighboring alien civilizations in order to gain more planets to produce war production factories. The primary excuse was the invasion of Earth in 2018 and the knowledge that there were civilizations with superior technology. The alien civilization that saved the humans were known as the Eotenu, they taught them knowledge and gave them the means to create new technology which was later used to build the pre-origin ship.

    The Wonder Family poisoned the High Sovereignty against aliens and made them fearful of them.

    This was a double ploy to strengthen the military strength of the High Sovereignty and make the High Sovereignty almost completely dependent on the Wonder Family's intricate knowledge of their blueprints from pre-origin times in order to produce more efficient war machines/weaponry/techniques. They were in full control of the High Sovereignty and used the Black Council as proxy to enact their laws/demands to the public.

    The genocide of the High Sovereignty went on for centuries before faraway alien civilizations caught wind of it all and decided to declare war on the Sovereignty to protect their own. The Great War began and this event solidified the Wonder Family's position of power forever and brought the Gods more power through the manifestations of Suffering in the universe, then they managed to rip a hole into the universe, allowing the Suffering Legions to pour in and the Great Apocalypse happened.

    The Seraphim Legions (superhuman angels) never trusted the Wonder Family or the Black Council, there was a civil war between the High Sovereignty and the Seraphim before they were forced to come to a truce in order to combat the Suffering Legions in the Great Apocalypse. The Seraphim never agreed with the aggressive war expansion on the alien civilizations and refused to take part in it which caused political tensions in the capital.

    The Great Apocalypse eventually ends with the High Sovereignty being wiped out after a 1,000 year war and later on, all life in the universe is either corrupted or dead. Feroy Vlad Wonder becomes a Suffering God and his family all powerful demon lords.
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