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    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Arie, Feb 9, 2015.

    Hey, i'm new here and I want to write a book. lol.

    I actually feel really funny saying that since the only things i've ever written in life were high school essays on stuff I absolutely did not care about. Come to think of it, I never even liked writing or even reading for that matter. I just started my first year in college and I don't think I have read an actually book since freshman year of high school. I don't know what hit me but I have a strong urge to do this. I tried to start a few days ago but ended up staring a blank page for one hour. There are a few ideas that I want to talk about in my book but I guess I just don't know how to start. At all.

    Any tips for beginners would be great.

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    Hi Arie, and welcome to the forum. :)

    Here's our New Member Guide to get you started.

    It's going to be difficult to write if you don't read, so I'd suggest you brush up on your reading. You'll get a better idea how to string words together and how to begin. This forum is also chock full of ideas, suggestions and tips, so start exploring! :)

    It might also help if you checked our Writing Workshop and read what other people have written and offer them feedback 'cause this way you'll get a better idea of what you like and hone a critical eye when it comes to composition, pacing, language etc.

    Have fun!
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    Hi, @Arie, and welcome to the forum!

    Don't worry about staring at that blank page for a long time. We've all done it. Some famous writer (probably not Hemingway, though he often gets credited for it) once said, "Writing is easy. You just stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead." So you're not alone there. Probably the hardest thing about writing, other than finishing, is starting. :)

    I hope you find what you're looking for here. I can guarantee, this is a good place for writers who want to help each other. You'll make some friends, I'm sure.

    Participate and have fun!
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