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    Non-fiction source citing

    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by brand1130x, Mar 30, 2012.

    Hey everyone, I am writing a self-help dating book. If I am quoting movie lines, do I need to cite these sources? Also, what is the proper format? Do you do the usual (Shorthand, Year), do you use footnotes, or do you only list them at the end of the book?

    Thank you
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    yes, you need to cite the sources... and may also have to obtain permission from the copyright owner, as well... which could be pretty costly!...

    you really need to consult a literary attorney on this issue, as since you'd be writing this for profit, the fair use exception won't apply...

    as for how to do it, you can use either footnotes or an appendix... i don't know what you mean by 'shorthand, year'...

    for starters, you should study up on the copyright basics: www.copyright.gov

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