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    not sure how to put things together

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by abbynormal91, Jun 10, 2009.

    I have recently written a few separate paragraphs that I would like to put into some sort of story. My problem is I am not sure if they can all work together or how so I was wondering if any of you fine people could help me out. Of course, if you have anything to say about my writing (positive or negative) please tell me.


    There is a nasty slow simmer in my heart and tears are banging on doors behind my eyes-begging-no demanding to be let free. My family has left me to fend for myself like a child in a forest full of rabid wolves. I run and scream in the dark, scratching and tearing back off trees, a rapid humming bird fighting for its life in my breast. I scream for a familiar face to save me but as with most nightmares- those most frightening when it is realized they are true- I am alone. The wolves are hot on my trail, gaining on me, I grow weak. Soon I can feel their sticky hot breath and the vibrations of their growls upon my flesh. I scream again for someone-anyone to save me. But no one comes to my rescue. Those fabled god-like parents are god-like indeed. Indifferent to my needs. I am left to defend myself against forces I am ill equipped to fight. The gods laugh in my face. I am alone, left to fight the wolves.

    Country Road

    I am walking down an old country road, the pavement as dry as the brittle
    summer grass. The sky, an abnormally bright blue, the sun a blinding
    orange. I am alone here on this road, I look to my right. Someone is there,
    I know not their name and cannot see their face. I can only feel their
    bittersweet energy. Someone who has loved me, who will love me, who will
    wait for me. To the left I see an empty field, how I long for you my
    friends. I love you, beautiful companions. I know that though I may be on
    this road alone, you are the fire within me, giving me permission to be
    strong. If I am to stumble and fall I know I can count on you, and you on
    me. I cannot say that I know what lies ahead, I can only say that I love
    you. True friends are the brightest gift from the gods, I am blinded by
    your beauty.


    In my dreams you are a bright gleaming orb of yellow. Oh how you dance for me and I for you. Kissing and loving in a celestial marriage, bound by friendship and respect. You glow my little orb. Oh how you glow, beaming warm energy that feeds me. How I love you and how you love me is uncomplicated by lusts of the flesh. A perfect, beautiful harmony. But as I wake from my slumber I realize that you are a dull pebble. You do not shine for me. You do not glow. You do not dance. We do not kiss or love in any sort of marriage celestial, platonic, or otherwise. You are dull pebble. How sick it make me to see you in your true form- pebble. How I hate that still your orb form haunts me-pebble. Oh how I hate myself-pebble. Do you listen Pebble? Do you care? Are my cries falling upon deaf ears PEBBLE? Do I matter to you- PEBBLE? Have I ever mattered to you- PEBBLE? Am I doomed to be haunted by you PEBBLE? PEBBLE?
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    Please rephrase this in summary form. You may not post excerpts for critique in this part of the site. All inquiries in this forum should relate to plot development issues. However, "How do I combine these into a plot?" will probably boil down to, "Start with a story, and create the scenes necessary to tell it. Creating a story to fit the scenes is a backwards approach."
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