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    Perspectives of thinking

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Kersje, Jan 20, 2014.

    Hi all,

    Currently I am working on a new story and would love to try new techniques, but I am a bit uncertain about a few things and would like to reflect them with you. A slight remark about my writing: I am writing in the Dutch language, thus I could not provide you with extracts, but I try to give as much examples.

    I am developing the thinking and speaking of characters as follow:
    There is a storyteller who both observes and speak about the other three protagonists (a male, two women). However, the storyteller is a protagonist as well, he describes himself as well during the story. The storyteller is observed by another storyteller - an invisible hand - who is not a protagonist and only an observer of what the first storyteller is thinking and remembering what the first storyteller does not speak about.

    Storyteller as the invisible hand - Only describes the thinking and the history of the storyteller.
    Storyteller - who describes himself and the other three protagonists.

    An example:
    "That is actually a strange thing happening down there", do I say while looking down from the top floor.
    He does not know what he observes, as he is not able to define that situation.

    What are your thoughts about this set up? Is it possible to intertwine both in one chapter or should I give each of the 'speakers' a separate chapter?

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    I don't quite get your example - try retelling it in English instead of using google translate :)

    About trying out new techniques: the best way to get the feeling of whether something works and how it works and what effects it creates, is to find a relevant example in an existing work. Almost EVERYTHING you can think of has already been tried in writing, this way or another. So: multiple narrators? Yes, it can work. It can work if they "talk" in the same time, it can work if they repeat each other, it can work in random order, in separate chapters or in different books. It's possible to do absolutely everything in writing and it's possible that it'll work perfectly. It's also possible to fail miserably on every possible level. :)

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