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    PicBook MC AGE Question

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by sanford321, Jun 21, 2009.

    I've written a children's Picture Book geared towards the higher reading levels found within the 4-8 yr old range. My MC is 9 years old. Do you think this is an acceptable age -- still relatable, identifiable for the reader?

    Or should I squeeze him through a time machine and knock 1-2 years off?

    I appreciate your help! Thanks a bunch. . .
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    it's not your target market's reading 'age' that you must consider when writing a pb story, but their 'experiential' age... and 4 yr olds may not be able to relate to a kid that much older, or to the things s/he can do, that they can't...

    also, there's a great big gap in reading ability between even the very best of beginning readers of 4 and those of 8... consider that the harry potter books' 'official' age range begins at 8!

    and 4 year olds are still read-to, while 7 and 8's seldom are...

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