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    Picking a voice for the main villain

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Leishua, Jun 9, 2018.

    Hey everyone,

    Been designing the main antagonist for my graphic novel with a friend who provided the idea. We are at an impasse however. In context, the main villain is mute and an artificial intelligence speaks on behalf of the villain but doesn't necessarily say or represent the views of the main villain. The villain (Shiv), is a mutant hunter whose latest job is to terminate the lives of the main character and friends who are a group of young pre-teens hiding.

    As Shiv is mute and we won't have enough space to fully flesh out her character in the story, adding a voice to her in our opinion is the best way to give her some dimension apart from being the typical villain that chases the protagonist to the world's end. Its noteworthy that Shiv has an interest in japanese culture.

    1st A.I
    Chibi, is an artificial intelligence who takes the form of a childish grade schooler with an exaggerated schoolyard bully personality wearing a shark suit. She frequently goads the characters with sarcasm and sensitive topics such as the death of the main char's father. She is also arrogant and extremely irritating as displayed when she sings how she murdered Tim's father in the form of a nursery rhyme. She frequently taunts the characters and takes pride in sadism. She gets frequently excited seeing Shiv murder others. Shiv has a deep hatred for Chibi in reality who was based off a former partner.

    (If Chibi is the canonical A.I)
    She will eventually squabble with Shiv over the best way to hunt the main Character and eventually take off as a hardlight construct into the city power grid to hunt them. In which the main character kills her by trapping her route into a single computer and throwing a school locker into it destroying it and killing her. Later on when the character encounter a wounded Shiv, Tiffany would suggest to Tim to save Shiv as they now have a common enemy to rid off if both parties are to escape.

    2nd A.I
    Aeon, is an artificial intelligence who takes the form of a cybernetic shark resembling Shiv's shark themed power armor. Aeon is cold, calculating and logical, her highest priority is to protect Shiv and provide utility. Unlike Chibi, Aeon focuses on talking only to Shiv and takes her side permanently without wandering off. Aeon analyses data and proposes the best action for victory and may occasionally suggest diplomacy. Aeon prefers to leave all options open and does not attempt to turn the main characters to enemies citing its only business. Aeon was developed as a utility and companion by one of Shiv's friends to alleviate her loneliness.

    (If Aeon is the canonical A.I)
    Shiv and Aeon would hunt the kids to a lobby before encountering the other hunter, Puppetshow. Aeon would suggest Shiv to give up one of their 4 targets to Puppetshow so they can finish this peacefully. But Puppetshow lunges towards Shiv over the prize allowing the kids to escape. Tiffany and Tim will encounter Shiv wounded from the fight later on but instead of Tiffany suggesting, Aeon would appear to appeal diplomacy to save Shiv's life and insist to the characters they won't stand a chance against Puppetshow alone and hence its in their best interest to save Shiv as well so they can escape.

    3rd A.I
    Ritsu is an artificial intelligence that takes the form of a male ronin in metal armor. Ritsu acts as not just a utility but as a weapon, and is unable to make up his own mind on how to assist Shiv leaving Shiv to be the one to direct Ritsu silently communicating via a brain wave interface. Ritsu tends to flare up against foes but also takes time to read up about them and dig up dirt. Ritsu frequently puts down Shiv's enemies to guilt trips and blackmails. In hopes to taunt them or gaslight them for interrogation or distraction purposes. Unlike the previous 3 A.Is Ritsu, is an A.I based of Shiv's former love interest and the 2 share an intimate bond.

    (If Ritsu is the canonical A.I)
    When Tim and Tiffany return to the streets, they hear Ritsu in the background. When sneaking towards the source of it they find Shiv wounded and hiding in a sewer bleeding out. Since Shiv is mute Ritsu takes the opportunity to propose to her as she is dying and there is nothing his able to do. Tim and Tiffany discuss what to do before going up to Shiv and Ritsu to make a deal and make Ritsu promise to hold Shiv back if they save her citing that they can't get out of here till Puppetshow is dead.

    And those are the 3 possible A.I companions. My main aim is to create a memorable voice for Shiv, something that can be feared by the main characters and also giving them a reason to hate Shiv, adored or strongly abhorred by readers and lastly provide depth for Shiv as the main character.
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