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    Pimp My Story!

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by lilix morgan, May 5, 2009.

    Okay, so this is kind of like a game, but not. I played this on one of the other forums I'm on where we have galleries of pictures and graphic designs.

    How it Works

    Basically what happens is you have to 'pimp' the story link of the person above you. Since I'm the first one, the person who posts next has to pimp (review) the link to the story I'll provide. You must provide a link in your post, in case you have more than one story on the board, and it makes it easier for the person trying to pimp you out.

    All you do in here is post the word 'pimp'. It can be written however you'd like, but once you post in here you must go to the story of the person above you, read it, and give a review. And I'm not talking a short 'loved it, it was awesome' review, but a full-blown review. Give some details! This is a great way to up your post numbers and get in those reviews so you can later post your own story.

    Alright, let the games begin!

    Kiss Me.
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    Cardiff, UK

    (except, if you look, I've already left you a review on that one lilix - does that count? I found the game after I found the story ...)

    Tell me if that's not alright and I'll do my best to review another one of your stories but in the mean time! :


    (I don't know how to insert a hyperlink with the story title, sorry :( )

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