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    Plot - The Secret Chemical Lab

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Zaphina, Apr 2, 2014.

    Hi all!
    I'm fairly new here and seen a little bit in terms of what others write... I'm sorry if this isn't really done, I know not to ask questions such as "Is this plot good?" etc. but I wouldn't mind a little constructive criticism, any ideas you might have to help build on the plot and maybe even let me know which bits you do like! I started writing this story a while ago but I didn't know the ending so I've revamped it a bit, I've also found my ending. I have a new character from my previous plot - Adara so she may not be as well developed as the others. I realise it's a bit of a muddle - as it goes from chapter 1, 2, 3 etc. straight to middle and then end. It's still a work in progress. I guess I'd like to see how you guys write your plots to give me a bit more of an idea!
    Thank you all and again sorry if this isn't usually how things are asked.

    2 ways of writing story – mixing between 3rd and 1st person

    Chapter 1 – Setting the scene, how Lyle got the job, excitement.

    Chapter 2 – Flash to present and Sam explaining her life and how shocking it has been since Lyle died (no current explanation as to what happened and why he is dead)

    Chapter 3 – Poppy at school with her friends, all have eating disorders as each school is separated and dealt with differently. Poppy speaks about how it makes her feel as though there is no different way of life.

    Chapter 4 – Flashback to Lyle and the day the explosion happened – hint at the fact it was a chemical lab doing experiments

    Chapter 5 – Noah – mainly illustrations in his part of the book? Shocking illustrations for an 11 year old boy

    Chapter 6 – Sam. Poppy faints and has to be taken to hospital – glimpse at how the village deals with these occurrences and small hospital local to village but equipped to deal with anything.

    Chapter 7 – Adara. Works in an office, stressed, frustrated, single, lonely, wishes for another life. In her mid 20s, no major traumatic events in her life but feeling very unfulfilled and unhappy.

    Chapter 8 – Sam on her attempted suicide – feelings of guilt and her love for her children

    Chapter 9 – Sam – speaking about her and Lyle met (before children up to when she first got pregnant)

    Chapter 10 – Poppy – her resentment towards her mother, feeling like she is looking after her brother at age only 14 herself.

    Chapter 11 – Lyle. Before the explosion, day to day life, living with Poppy and pregnant Sam

    Chapter 12 – Explanation about the town, that all people living there have a mental illness, the lay out (possible map of village?)Unknown to outside world – hidden by ashamed government

    Middle – Characters become relatable to readers, Poppy, Sam and Noah escape the village (first people to get out). Meet Adara when looking for someone to stay – as no hotels available. They stay in her small apartment

    End – Adara tries to help them out and explains her life, Sam and Poppy both agree that their lives are actually better. In trying to survive in the outside world they struggle and Poppy becomes increasingly ill, Noah’s hallucinations and night terrors become increasingly terrifying and they all agree that they must get back to their village. Adara asks to go with them as she hates her life on the outside, she feels that they are the only true friends she has ever had. Sam and Poppy agree to smuggle her back on the inside but must give her a new identity of someone that recently died on the inside – someone no one would miss. Find such a person, her new name is Delilah and she has severe anxiety and OCD. Upon trying to return into the village they find it much more difficult and come across guards, they manage to avoid them and with much difficulty get back into the village. Do their best with Adara to keep her identity but she is suspected by authorities, investigated and found that she is an intruder. However don’t know what to do with her as she now knows about the village. Give her a choice of returning with her mind erased or she can stay, tell no other villagers and she must be given some of the dose that caused everyone to be affected. Adara chooses to stay, she feels life would be worse on the outside. Adara is given the chemical but is told she has no choice in the illness she gets.

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