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    Poem Challange! Fun!

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Englishteach, Apr 19, 2010.

    Good Morning everyone!

    I recently had the opportunity to attend a english poetry workshop and came across a neat exercise that I believe would make a great challenge for many!

    1. Using 3 alliterations, name a protagonist along with his or her nationality and
    2. Using personification, create a conflict for your protagonist.
    3. Using assonance, ask a question.
    4. Use an adjective, a concrete noun, and then an abstract noun (in that order).
    5. Use a simile in a subordinate clause, and a repetition in an independent clause.
    6. Use an example of synesthesia.
    7. Using consonance, answer the question in line 3.
    8. This line must be written in iambic pentameter.
    9. This line must include dialogue and the name of a provincial or state capital.
    10. Using an oxymoron, resolve your protagonist's conflict.

    My Attempt:
    1. Kenny was a Canadian caribou-hunter
    2. Who spent his workdays on the cruel tundra.
    3. How could he repair his wrecked complexion?
    4. His face was a wrinkled map, filled with sorrow.
    5. Like a little schoolgirl, he wept and wept.
    6. Then, over a cauldron of deafening soup,
    7. He thought of a fix: Botox!
    8. Though poor and nearly homeless, Kenny thought,
    9. "I must journey to Regina for injections,"
    10. Which he did, and now his face is hideously beautiful.

    Requires some thought, but it serves as a great activity and challenge for all.

    Good Luck!

    EnglishTeach. :)
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    Sheesh, talk about a challenge!
    I had to look up half those things!

    Well, here goes...

    1. Matthew was a masterful minister from Holland
    2. A migrating bird who could find no home
    3. Why does this guy try?
    4. The wise Matthew, his faith so strong.
    5. Like an old owl, he thinks, thinks alone
    6. He sees the loud cries of the many
    7. His unhappy heart holding him hostage, he must try
    8. He held his heart in hand
    9. "I must assist those I have found here in Pennsylvania"
    10. So in the heat of the cold night, he found his home.

    Well, I followed all your rules, I think... but I was never a poet, I don't think it was very good. :)

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