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    Possible character development that just doesn't fit

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Cernex, Nov 4, 2009.

    Ok guys, need some help with a little idea I have for a little fanfict of sorts.

    So, in short, think the whole " would take her home and love her. I'd show her the care and affection she was clearly lacking in her bizarre upbringing/life" thing would work on a character such as Melona (from Queen's Blade books and anime)?
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    You tell us. Is it too out of character for her? Is there a scenario you can sell that could make her amenable to that approach? And since it's a fanfic, would this represent a change to the character that the creators and tje other fans would find unacceptable?

    Yours is the kind of question you, as a writer, shouldn't ask anyone else (except adherence to the fanfic's constraints). If you believe in it, write it. Maybe it will work, maybe it will fall flat. Mostly that will depend on how well you write it, not whether the idea itself has great promise.

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