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    Post-Apocalyptic RPG

    Discussion in 'Archive' started by jackratko, Aug 18, 2012.

    Post-Apocalyptic RPG
    So, I'm writing a post-apocalyptic story very similar to Metro 2033, and I figure that an RP could help me with my current writer's block, so joining this RP would be a big help!

    (NOTE: If you have read/played Metro 2033 or Metro: Last Light, this is basically based off of that)

    40 years after a nuclear holocaust occurred, most of the Moscow survivors now live in the Metro systems. Every station is a different faction/city, which act as nation states (i.e. they war, trade, and make peace with each other). In the tunnels and on the surface are bandits, mutants, and killers of all kinds. Anyone on the surface needs a gas mask or a respirator, as the air is unbreathable due to radiation and other pollutants. This is the story of those who live in this time. Military grade Bullets are the currency.

    Plot: Surface mutants are beginning to explore the metro, and Polis is doing its best to keep them out, but are not getting any help because Fourth Reich and the Red Line are at war. Station by station, the metro is being wiped out.

    Due to high levels of radiation and unknown mutagens, many new and very dangerous creatures appeared after the war. Most of them lurk on the surface, but the metro's tunnels also have their own share of mutated creatures.

    Mutants of the Metro:

    Nosalis: A general term for the most common form of subterranean mutant encountered in the metro tunnels. There are numerous subspecies and variations of Nosalis, but all share common characteristics: a vicious disposition, predatory demeanour, sharp teeth and claws, and a propensity for hunting in packs.

    Common Nosalis:

    These Nosalises are nearly hairless, and have a pinkish skin tone. Its jaws are wide-set, filled with uneven fangs, and its snout is large and sticks out similar to a Mole.

    It is quite skilled at working its way through passages and ducts, it can run along walls and crawl quite fast along the ground until it is close enough to strike. Common Nosalises never hunt alone, preferring to attack in mobs to overwhelm their prey with sheer numbers.

    Winged Nosalis

    One of the rarer species, the Winged Nosalis clearly has evolved from bats. It has a lengthy, pronounced nose, with a smaller mouth than other Nosalises, as well as vestigial membranes of skin under its arms hinting at wings.

    These versions are faster than normal Nosalises, and have the ability to jump much further. They also have the ability to unleash a powerful sonic attack; this unleashes a wave of sonic distortion that inflicts damage, causes dizziness, and can stun opponents for short periods of time.

    Plated Nosalis:

    The most powerful - and rarest - of all Nosalis strains. They appear to have evolved from moles, though their armored heads seem to indicate some other source. Their namesake comes from the chitinous plates on their heads and on their backs; they generally have a more streamlined appearance than other Nosalises and are harder to pick out in the dark due to their coloration. Making matters worse, they can see perfectly in total darkness.

    However, bright light is said to stun and/or scare them, and many scavengers and explorers are advised to quickly shine their torch into the creatures face and to take advantage of its temporary incapacity to attack to either kill the beast or run away.


    Small, rat-like and completely hairless creatures who live in abandoned tunnels and stations, building complex warrens and attacking anyone who happens to wander along into their domain. They are often assumed to be mutated rats or dogs due to their appearance and behaviour. It is also believed that they could be juvenile Howlers, again due to their appearance.

    Mutants of the Surface:


    A human-sized, surface-dwelling predatory mutant. It resembles a rat or a wolf both in behaviour and appearance and hunts in packs that move through the ruins in search of prey. They are quite bold, and have already entered the underground (at Pavilitskaya) to attack the metro's inhabitants on several occasions.

    Their mouth parts are, oddly enough, shaped somewhat like mandibles, giving them an odd, pug-like face. They are named Howlers due to their habit of standing on two legs and howling to alert their fellow pack members when prey is sighted.


    One of the most fearsome and dangerous mutants on the surface. They have four prehensile limbs and a pair of large, leathery wings similar to those of a bat. Their roar, however, is very feline in nature and bears similarities to that of a tiger. They are one of the main dangers for people exploring the surface, as they will often fly high above the streets, staying out of sight till they strike, carrying their prey away to be dropped to its death.


    Another terrifying and very dangerous mutant who, for some unknown reason, is only found in the Great Library. They resemble gorillas a lot in their behaviour and physical appearance. They are very territorial and will confront anything that appears to be a threat. It is said, by both rangers and scavengers that a common librarian can be dissuaded from attacking you if you stand your ground and look it in the eyes.

    Black Librarians are similar to Common Librarians, but are found only deep within the Great Library. They are covered in thick black fur and have a head deformed by tumours. They are also a lot more aggressive than their grey-furred relatives and will attack anyone who enters their territory.

    Main Factions:

    Polis: A source of light and hope in the dark world of post-apocalyptic Moscow, Polis is the place where most knowledge and technology ends up. It controls four stations: the Lenin Library station, Borovitskaya, Arbatskaya and Alexandrovskiy Sad. None of the other factions in the metro would dare attack Polis due to the fear of retaliation from other factions, as well as a certain admiration and respect for the place, which is oft seen as humanity's last hope.

    The Commonwealth of the Stations of the Ring Line/Hansa: The Commonwealth emerged soon after central control of the metro disbanded. As the stations comprising the Commonwealth were all situated on the ring line, they were vital centres of trade in the metro. Soon, these stations understood that their wealth would make other stations envious, so they joined together as the Commonwealth. Hansa is extremely capitalistic and is currently suffering from overpopulation, since the wealth of its stations attract many legal and illegal immigrants.

    The Red Line: Extending all the way through the metro like a red slash on the map, the Red Line is a throwback to the days of the Soviet Union. It has every aspect of a police State, with identity controls and arbitrary arrests and imprisonment. It is also one of the most powerful factions in the metro, next to Hansa and Polis, and fought a war with the former at some point in the past. The Red Line is also constantly at war with the Fourth Reich.

    The Fourth Reich: The metro also has its Nazis. Probably descended from National Bolshevik and other ultra-nationalist pre-war movements, the Fourth Reich encompasses three stations: Chekhovskaya, Tverskaya and Pushkinskaya. They arrest and murder anyone they consider to be non-Russian, and are also constantly at war with the Red Line and their Trotskyist allies. This, combined with a low female population means that the Fourth Reich's population is diminishing quite rapidly, which casts doubts on the faction's future survival.

    Minor factions:

    Arbat Confederation: A moderate capitalist autocracy allied with Hansa. It is apparently governed by non-Russian traders. It was very powerful at the beginning of Hansa, but a bloody war with the Red Line, as well as the detrimental effects from the invisible threat from Park Pobedy have lead to its main station, Kievskaya being depopulated. Arbat is now nothing but a weak satellite of Hansa.

    The Great Worm Cult: A mysterious and very hostile society living in the blocked off station of Park Pobedy. They were manipulated by an ex-scholar who sought to create a new society based on hatred of technology and the worship of an entity known as the Great Worm. They are cannibals and kidnappers, killing and eating adults from other "evil stations" and indoctrinating children to their religion.

    Revolutionaries/Trotskyists: Composed of militants who were expelled from the Red Line for disagreeing with the official ideology of the Communist Party, these small groups conduct raids against the Nazis and try to win over other stations to their cause. Even though they openly criticise the Red Line, they still receive considerable weapon and equipment shipments from them.

    VDNKh Commonwealth: An alliance between VDNKh, Alexeevskaya and Rizhskaya. It is headed by VDNKh, and focuses on mutual defence and trade with Hansa, its speciality being tea and dried mushrooms.

    Baumanski Alliance: A faction situated in the North-East of the Metro, and whose main goal is salvaging pre-war technology as well as building new technology better suited for the Metro. Like Polis, they recruit a lot of stalkers, although they do have their own squads of well-equipped scavengers whom they send to the surface to look for valuable technology and equipment.

    Kitai Gorod and other crime-dominated stations: A collection of stations found throughout the Metro and who are ruled by criminal gangs. There are few laws there, and trade takes on an altogether different aspect since there are no restrictions on what can be sold. Alcohol, weapons, food, clean water, ammunition, prostitutes and drugs can all be found there.

    Satanists: Located deep within the Metro, the Satanists are a source of much legend and hearsay. Many do not even believe in their existence, but others claim otherwise. They are a small and fanatical sect who believe Armageddon is coming. They capture people from other stations, caravans and expeditions and put them to work on digging a pit, which they believe will eventually lead into Hell. They are hard to find, as they are very secretive, and few who were captured by them have escaped their clutches.

    1905 Confederation: A small confederation centred around the 1905 Goda station. They are remarkably well organised for a small faction, and have strong trading relations with Hansa.


    1: You may only post in the IC section after your character has been approved.

    2: God-moding is strictly prohibited as well as power-playing and meta-gaming. God-moding is when you make your character(s) unstoppable, power-playing is when you take control of other player characters and force outcomes on them without their owner's permission. Metagaming is when one of your characters knows something he or she could not possibly be aware of.

    3: Use proper grammar and spelling. Sentences like "teh army crushd teh enmy" as well as chat speak elements like "u", "r" or "plz" are excessively annoying to look at. If English is not your first language then an exception will be made.

    4: Respect the setting. Any weapons or objects not native to Russia are allowed, but their presence in the RPG must be explained. The same goes for non-Russian characters (why and how they got to Moscow in the first place). A rescue force/envoy from another country is not possible, since this is a post-apocalyptic setting and no other countries were spared.

    Character Creation:

    4: No Mary Sues/Gary Stu's. A perfect, unique snowflake with purple eyes and golden hair is annoying, shallow and unoriginal. Please avoid this. If you wish to have your character have a mutation of some kind, please refer to the Mutations section.

    5: No anime characters. They simply do not belong in the metro.

    6: No canon characters.

    7: No joke characters.

    8: Keep the history and capacities realistic, and take into account the environment your character is in.


    (Note: Keep in mind you get a $500 starting budget, and that includes anything you want to pay for in the RP)


    Birthplace: (was your character born before or after the war? Where?)



    Faction affinity (if any) and faction relations: (is your character on friendly terms with any of the factions in the metro?)

    Physical description: (how tall is your character, what is his/her eye colour etc)


    History: (a quick biography of your character)

    Preferred weapon(s): See available weapons.

    Notes: (anything else you may want to add? For mutations, see the Mutations section)

    Firearms are the most widespread kind of weapon in the Metro. Due to the extreme lack of resources, more exotic firearms are practically non-existent in the Metro, but there is a huge supply of Kalachnikovs, Mosin Nagants and other rifles once used by the Soviet and Russian armies.

    Regarding Mutations:
    Those who have acquired a mutation in adulthood are often banished from their communities and are forced to live as vagrants, but some still find a place somewhere.

    Evidently, mutations are strictly controlled, and there are certain rules that must be respected.

    1) If you want your character to have a mutation, PM a member of staff about it.

    2) Purely aesthetic mutations (ie purple hair) will not be accepted. A mutation is to be considered, first and foremost, to be an adaptation to your character's environment, so mutations must be useful somehow
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    Nice to see you approved a copy/pasted idea from a site I happen to help run if you wish to see where this content pls PM me.

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