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    posting counterfactuals

    Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by ohno_you do!, Oct 1, 2019.

    If you want to post a counterfactual ex. south winning the war. titanic does sink where do you post history??
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    Are you talking about alternative history? (Mind you, the Titanic DID sink... :) ) Do you mean stories you have written in this vein? About real events, only you have changed the outcome for the purpose of the story?

    If that is what you mean, and you're talking about our Workshop area (which is the only place on the forum where you are allowed to post your own work) then I would simply pick a category in the Short Story section that seems to fit.

    I think I would choose 'History' but make it clear in the title of your thread that it's 'Alternative History.'

    If you're writing a Novel, however, you don't need to pick a category. Just post your work there, maybe with an introduction telling the readers that it's an alternative history.


    You are a brand-new member here, and you aren't allowed to post any of your work YET.

    Before you can post in the Workshop you must meet these three requirements:

    1) You must be a member here for 2 full weeks.
    2) You must make at least 20 posts on various threads around the forum
    3) You must do at least two critiques in the Workshop for other people, before you can post one of your own
    (This ratio isn't just for New Members, but will be in force as long as you are a Member here ...two critiques for one. Every time.)

    PLEASE take the time to read these two links before you do anything else. They will keep you right and answer most of your questions.

    New Member Quick Start

    Forum Rules

    I am one of the forum moderators, and I want to welcome you to the forum. But please do make yourself familiar with how we do things, before you plunge in. :)
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    Or maybe that's what THEY want you to believe!!!
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    If you wanted to have a conversation about something like that, especially a potentially flammable topic like the South having won the American Civll War it would probably end up in the Debate Room. Unfortunately, you'll need 90 days membership and 100 posts before you gain access to that section. For less controversial issues, you might strike up a discussion in The Lounge, but it's always best to get to know a few people (and make yourself known) before jumping in and starting new threads. We're a welcoming forum, but threads by complete strangers don't tend to populate very quickly.

    On the other hand, if you were doing research or gathering thoughts for a story of your own, you'd want to look up in the top section of the forum where there are specific sections for things like Research, Plot Development, Character Development and such. Posting there for the purpose of gaining insight into your story is encouraged, but if you just want to chat about "What If?", the Lounge is the place to be.
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