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    Problems with a Pregnant Character. HELP PLEASE!

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by MackenzieGirl, Jul 9, 2018.

    Hi (again). my MC is pregnant when the book starts, but she doesn't know yet. The world is a semi modern fantasy, cars, but no Pregnancy Test. She is a member of the nobility, (the orphan daughter of a wealthy lord) she lives with her twin brother, and is cared for by mothers iluminate brother, until she and her twin are of age. (She is 15, later 16 in the book)

    So now my MC is pregnant, problems: she is 15! A member of the nobility. Not married (although deeply in love). The father is common born, if from a wealthy family. Those are just the rather normal problems that come with the plot.

    Things get worse, her twin brother is injured in a horseback riding misadventure, and ends up completely paralyzing. Her aunt comes to live with them, after her brother's accident. And attempts to make the rather Tom Boy MC into a lady.

    The MC's brother (who along with her boyfriend (the child's father) and a couple of other people know.) The aunt don't know yet. Any way, her brother asks the MC to help him commit suicide. (She does help him in this, making his death assisted suicide.)

    What I am worried about is over stressing the MC, the MC and the writer (me) want to keep the baby. I am worried that the MC is over strest. If you have ideas about how she might tell people, then that would be great.
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    Really not sure, but I'd take it that high levels of stress cause miscarriages. So, just say that it's not that high of a level. Maybe it takes a lot of stress to get to your MC?
    When she's telling her boyfriend, I think it would come down to how their relationship is at the moment. Also, if she has a background on how he feels about kids and being a dad, that would influence how she tells him. If he likes kids and wants to be a dad someday, that would make the conversation easier then if he hates kids and says he'll never have any.
    The brother, with his paralyzation and him wanting to kill himself, I could see him being happy for her because she'll have someone else to (most likely) unconditionally love her when he's gone.
    With the aunt, once again, I'd think it would depend heavily on their relationship. You said that she wants the MC to turn into a lady. Childbirth is something only women can do, so the aunt might view that as an easy way to get the MC to act more ladylike.

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