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    Prologue discussion: How do I end the prologue of a war fic?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Flipdarkfuture, Jan 21, 2012.

    I've made a fic that starts off with a prologue chapter.

    It details the last stand of the Australian Defence Force against the might of the Britannian Empire.

    It focuses on the Protagonist's Father, a Captain in the ADF as he trys to defend the evacuation forces against a overwhelming power.

    I want to know if this is a good way to end it.

    - His squad is either wounded (they are sent to evacuate as well), or are killed alongside him.

    - He takes out a lot of enemy soldiers and vehicles, until he can't fight anymore.

    - Then the enemy commander arrives and, being a arrogant Knight (it makes sense in context), decides to challenge him to a one on one duel. Seeing him as a worthy opponent.

    - He puts a condition on the duel; If Black survives for more then a minute, the evacuation convoy won't get blown away."

    - Black accepts.

    - Naturally after a epic battle between two men he dies, and the Britannian commander is victorious.

    -Thus ends the invasion of Australia, and then begins the occupation of it.

    So is this a good and unique way to end it?
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    no one can answer this but you... it should end in a way that works best for what happens in the rest of the story... and since we're not writing it, we can't tell what would lead into it best in re characters and events...

    just make sure there's a good, smooth, workable segue between the end of the prologue and the start of chapter one...

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