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    Dec 11, 2009
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    Publishing Ideas? Am more into YA or Older Kids (earliest 11 or 12 - 15 or 16)?

    Discussion in 'Publishing' started by skatingqueenlari, Dec 11, 2009.

    Genres I write in are fantasy, action (not gory) horror (not too intimate, but very slight), suspense, make-believe, fantasy. I would like to get published by a publisher. But I need some ideas and information on them. Do you need to pay to submit or send your manuscript to a publisher? And if they say it's good and want to publish it, do you need to pay to get the books published? What if you want to sell in stores? do you need to purchase copies and sell them to bookstores? Any good publishing companies that I could take a look into, no spam or tricks, but one that I could send my manuscript to (for free through mail or post-mail) for someone to look at and tell me what they think of it? Any ideas or suggestions?
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    It would be best to start with finding an agent. They'll take care of the publishers.

    You should never have to pay a publisher or an agent. Stay away from those who ask you to. It's clear you have lots to learn about the publishing arena and that's okay. We all start somewhere.

    Generally you don't just send your manuscript to anyone. It must be preceded by a query letter, and if you're requested to send sample chapters then you do. For some advice on how to write a query, I'd recommend a agentquery.com.

    Good Luck
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    Check out the publishers section and the site maia posted. That will help you
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    never!... any who ask for any payment are either self-/vanity publishers, or out and out scammers...

    never, if they're legit traditional publishers and not any variety of self-/vanity press [includes pod venues]...

    yes, if you deal with the self-/vanity publishers...

    ...publishers are not going to just 'take a look' and tell you what they think... you only send them your ms when it's ready to be submitted for publication and they've asked to see it... and the best way to get to that point is by having an agent, as noted above...

    ...study up on the business side of being a writer... you can find threads here on all those issues... and/or you can email me for tips/info on all of the above, if you want...

    love and hugs, maia
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