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    Putting a mythical character in a fantasy story?

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Annihilation, Nov 17, 2015.

    Well I'm writing a fantasy novel about a Spanish refugee that is guilty for treason who meets an orderly that teaches him how to astral travel to sabotage a war in aragon against a cult.

    In my story there's a lot of references to the book of death and the nine eyes. My story isn't a factual non fiction book so is it possible that I can put in let's say, Orestes or Plotinus?

    In the astral plane there is a being with nine eyes guarding it and I'm planning the three higher beings to be Orestes, Plotinus and Solomon. Can I use this without putting in the whole "real life factual" info??

    I'm trying to tie in these mythical and biblical references to the core storyline.

    What are your thoughts in this?
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    Sure, why not? Myth is not real life, and fantasy can deal with any form of mythological reference. I think it would actually be an interesting link to myths we know from ancient stories - as long as it is done well, of course :)
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    Neil Gaiman's American Gods has re-imaginings of more gods from more mythologies than I even knew existed, and it's very well-received. Fantasy draws heavily from mythology anyway...I see no reason why including those mythical creatures/personalities would be a problem at all.
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