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    Question about making a collection of short stories?

    Discussion in 'Short Stories' started by BlissfulSoul, Jun 6, 2019.

    Do you think it'd be a bad idea to make a collection of short stories that all end in cliff-hangers?

    I seem to stick longer and do better with creating short-stories rather than long novels. I wanted to make a book that contained all of my short stories, but they tend to end in rather cliffhanger fashion.

    I heard that publishing a book with a lot of short stories that don't revolve around one topic ( EX: Horror, romance ) didn't do well or wasn't taken at all.

    Do you think this is a bad idea, or should I perhaps tweak the stories so they all have a similar type genre so it'd do better? They're flash-fiction and I thought that the fact they all end in 'cliff-hangers' sort of made it 'alike' enough to be a collection, but I'm not sure.
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    A book of flash fiction by an unknown writer isn't going to be an easy sell. Why not try publishing some individually and see how they do in the market. You can still publish them in a book even after they are published in magazines and journals. It's something short story writers do all the time. Try Flash Fiction Online. They can be tough to break into, but they do pay $50 a story which isn't so bad for flash fiction.
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    This kind of sounds like what Anton Chekhov did with a lot of his stories. They end right before the climax or some major event. If you haven't read any of his work, I highly recommend you do so. Other than that, if the story is well-written, you should be fine.

    Publishing the collection, however, is a separate issue. It might be easier to submit the stories individually instead of trying to publish them as a collection.

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